Burning eyes after cataract surgery

Why do I feel burning eyes after cataract surgery?

Dry eye symptoms are common over the age of 55. With age, the quality of the tear film diminishes, and it tends to evaporate more easily.
Dry spots form on the cornea, and these become slightly irritated.
Many patients experience dry eyes symptoms such as stinging irritation and burning eyes after cataract surgery,
Since many people over the age of 55 already have a dry eye tendency, they may become more aware of it after the surgery. This is because the surface area around the cataract incision must be kept especially well lubricated during the first several months in order for the eye to feel comfortable.
An easy solution for burning eyes after cataract surgery are artificial eye tears , these supply constant lubrication to the eye and relive the irritation as a result of dry eyes.
Using artificial tears liberally for the first few months after cataract surgery will improve comfort. Typically, most patients find relief by using artificial tears three to four times daily. it may take a couple of weeks of regular artificial tear use before improvement is noticed.
RevitalVision is designed to improve your visual functioning and cataract vision after surgery and provides an easy at home solution for improving foggy vision after cataract surgery.

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